• Every Animal Communicator /healer  tends to develop their own individual niche that highlights their personal gifts.  For Barbara, it has always been about the spiritual connection more than the physical healing.  Her specialty is strengthening and healing relationships by bridging the gaps of understanding between animals and the people who love them.

    Barbara believes that the animals who become a part of our lives are there for a reason.  She deciphers the message, gift, lesson or purpose for this time together, as well as addressing issues and concerns they share. 

    This deeper sense of awareness results in a more harmonious and connected affiliation. 

    Barbara discovered her gift purely by accident when a friend told her a story about how an animal communicator found her lost horse.  The story fascinated her and she began thinking about the possibilities, much like she had when she was a child and imagined the conversations she would have if she had a horse like Mr. Ed.  One thing let to another and to her amazement, she discovered how to "tune in". 

     Looking back over her life and her constant love and compassion for animals, it makes perfect sense.  When she was just a child, her favorite game was to "play horses".  To her, this did not mean to play with toy horses or pretend to be riding a horse, but to actually BE the horse.  To virtually feel what a horse feels in freedom, captivity, being ridden, guided by reins, etc.    Now, it is the same sensation of "feeling" of animals that she experienced in childhood that contributes significantly to her communications today.