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    Animal Optimistic is perfect for you if you:

    • want to strengthen the relationship between you and your pet,
    • are seeking answers to questions, issues or concerns, 
    • want to know more about your pet's mission with you,
    • want to bridge the gaps in your communication with your pet
    • want to be sure their physical life is happy and fulfilling, 
    • wish to connect on a spiritual level 
    • create awareness, harmony and connection with your pet
    •  etc. etc.


    Barbara has successfully completed Level I and Level II Animal Energy Certification courses and has been accredited in both, taught by world renowned psychic coach, teacher and mento, Lynn McKenzie. 

    In addition to numerous other extended and related courses offered by Lynn McKenzie to further hone her skills in animal communication, Barbara is an avid follower of the late Ted Andrew's work on nature, animals and other spiritual deities. She continues to broaden her scope of knowledge with numerous other experts and is constantly adding to her information cache. 

    Remarks and Raves - a sample of what her clients have to say:

    You really nailed this one on he behavior, she has always been moody, sweet one minute and hissing and biting the next....Rebekah, GA

    I don't know how you do it, but receiving that info about the three horses is amazing.!  For those thinking intuitiveness is not real have them contact me....Lisa, MI

    Barbara communicated so much more than I expected.  It was a beautiful session.  I would recommend Barbara...Gretchen, FL


    I have had several sessions with Barbara on both of my dogs. Her insights and healing energies on both an emotional and physical level have improved my understanding and made a huge difference for my dogs' well being and happiness. I've enjoyed referring back to her written account of their sessions and sharing this with friends to help them better understand the process.  There's no denying the benefits when you see your dog come out of his shell and display a happiness I've never seen in 4 years since rescuing him.

    I want to give Barbara a big hug every time my previously reserved Garrett jumps in my lap for a snuggle. I highly recommend Barbara for anyone who wants a greater connection to their fur babies!....Marie, GA

    Thank you so very much!  My animals are my soul and I get very stressed when one of them is sick or hurt.  I am so very grateful to have you help me navigate all of this...Corina, GA 

    My question were answered beyond my wildest imagination.  Barbara's reading brought comfort and hope to me...Joann, GA

    That is exactly what type of information I was looking for!  Feel so blessed that he opened up to you! Tammy, GA

    All expectations were met and went way above the initial.  The information relayed was extremely accurate and made a lot of sense with what we know of him.  We encourage Barb to continue pursuing this work as she clearly has a God given gift...Hilary, GA

    Barbara has always talked to the animals and they to her.  They are drawn to her.  I am so excited for her that she has learned to actually turn it into a two way street!  Those who will let her, will benefit greatly from Barb's "heart feelings".  I feel privileged to be one of them!...Sandy, MD

    Barbara has an intuitive contact and communication with horses.  Working with Barbara is valuable for anyone interested in strengthening their relationship with horses...Ann, GA

    Her reading gave me closure on 30 years of grieving and loss.  Answered many questions I have had all these years.  Truly grateful for her gift...Rebekah, GA

    To see snippets of her work and to see more reviews and comments, go to the Animal Optimystic Facebook page. (Facebook icon below). Please feel free to share with those friends if you feel would enjoy and appreciate these stories.