• Simple Steps To Book With Barbara

    What you should know to schedule an Animal Optimystic Communication Session:

    Please read and be familiar with the process prior to our session and you will know what to expect and how to prepare to assure that you and your pet will benefit most from our time. 

    1. Select from services offered in our Featured Products section and proceed to checkout. 

    If you have any questions about this, I am happy to help. Just email me at barbara@animaloptimystic.com or use Animal Optimystic Facebook messenger. Once I am notified, simple instructions will be forwarded to you. Be sure to include your email and/or phone number. 

    Note: Payment for session is made through my Paypal account barbara@animaloptimystic.com 

    Don't have a Paypal account? No problem - Paypal accepts several payment options.

    2. Answer easy questionnaire which will be provided to you regarding basic information about your pet as well as your questions and concerns you would like addressed. Be sure to add any additional remarks you feel are relative. 

    3. Send me a picture of your pet. Ideally, a recent close up photo with your pet looking directly into the camera.   Can be sent through phone or email. Be sure to put your name and your pets' name on it when you send it, especially if sent separately .

     I will proceed with session once payment  and info has been received. 

    4. I connect with your pet. All work is done energetically, intuitively and at a distance. There is no need to worry about timing, location or scheduling. I will do the reading in the appropriate “sacred time and space” within a 24-48 hour period. I will notify you immediately when this has taken place. 

    5. You will receive a report of our conversation. This report will be delivered via e-mail or phone conversation depending on the service you choose. Take a day or so to process this information. If you need clarification on anything, we can discuss further over the phone once you have let it sink in. 

    6. Return Feedback and Remarks form. Your comments are appreciated.

    Dont be surprised if posted on my Facebook or web page. (I use first names and pet names only). 

    For Prepaid Follow up Sessions,  and Bundles: 

    1. Message me when you would like me to do a session with your pet.   Barbara@animaloptimystic.com or thru Animal Optimystic Facebook messenger. State in your message that you are using prepaid credits or a gift certificate. (Be sure to include Gift Certificate number.) 

    2. Send a current picture of your pet   A close up of your pet looking directly into the camera works best. Photo can be sent through phone or email. Be sure to put your name and your pets' name on it, 

    3. State your questions, issues or concerns you would like to cover in this session. Be sure to include any relative information that might be helpful. 

    What kind of information to expect:

    • An overall description of your animal's personality traits
    • Answers to your questions, concerns or issues 
    • Messages, lessons and purpose
    • Status of health and well-being
    • Clearings, balances or energy shifts required
    • Heart to Heart Connection
    • Your pet's mission with you
    • Answers about pets crossing over or that have crossed
    • etc.

    Note: It is not unusual to have “aha” moments days or even weeks after reading the report about the information that came forward. Please shoot me an email and let me know.